10 Extraordinary Races by Hennessey Performance

12 Jul 10 Extraordinary Races by Hennessey Performance

10 Extraordinary Races by Hennessey Performance!

Can an HPE1000 Trackhawk run with a Lamborghini Huracan, or an HPE800 Escalade with a Ferrari 488 GTB? What about a supercharged GT350 Mustang against a GT500.. or a supercharged F-150 against a GT350?? How much different is the MAMMOTH 1000 from a stock RAM TRX? Most importantly- can a Rolls-Royce Wraith roll race?

Hennessey Performance diligently validates the quality of offered performance upgrades, and it has led to some wonderful comparisons along the way. Here are ten favorite races we’ve witnessed at the Pennzoil Proving Ground- some apples to apples, some apples to oranges, and some just bananas. Comment what race you’d like to see and subscribe to stay tuned to everything happening at Hennessey Performance!

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