Brembo Brakes on our Escalade Upgrades

03 Oct Brembo Brakes on our Escalade Upgrades

We love to make fast cars faster at Hennessey Performance, and the Cadillac Escalade has been a favorite vehicle of ours to make really fast. That base GM motor will lay down some serious power and the all wheel drive will launch really well out of the hole faster than many sports cars from 0-60 mph. But while that weight is good for planting the tires on a launch, it does become a downside in braking performance. That is one of the big reasons we also upgrade the brake system with larger rotors and calipers from Brembo. These kits perform outstanding, and look good also. Not only does the immediate performance of the brakes increase over factory braking results, but under a lot of load the Brembos are much better at relieving heat which keeps the braking system from failure.

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