Ford Focus RS

2016 – 2017 Ford Focus RS

HPE400 Upgrade



  • 388 bhp
  • 445 lb-ft torque


Upgrades Include:

  • Engine management software upgrade
  • Hand held programmer
  • Hennessey exterior badge
  • HPE400 exterior badge


What our customers are saying:


“Thank you so very much for your help. I put the tuning parameters in last night and can only say. WOW!! I thought the RS was fast before, holy mackerel! This is incredible. It was definitely worth the wait. Thanks again so much for your help. I will recommend you folks to everyone I talk with. You folks Rock!!”
– Tery J., HPE400 Focus RS owner


“Throttle response is a lot better which I like very much. A very different animal as compared to stock!”
– Chad P., HPE400 Focus RS owner


“I took it out last night in the mountains near my house in Santa Barbara. The tune is amazing. It totally changes the car. I can’t wait to see how it’ll do on the track in a few weeks. Thanks again for your help and a great product. “

– Garrett M., HPE400 Focus RS owner


“The increase in power is noticeable instantly as soon as you touch the throttle. The boost comes in a lot earlier and harder.
First impressions is your kit is ‘amazing’ “

– Tony P., Australia

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will the HPE 400 Calibration void my factory warranty?

No. You can return your vehicle back to the stock calibration prior to any dealership visits. During the upload process your stock calibration is saved onto the handheld device which may be loaded back in at any time. The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act also protects you from the dealership voiding your warranty due to an aftermarket part being installed.


  • Will the HPE 400 Calibration affect my fuel economy?

No. In fact, if you can keep your foot out of the fun factor zone, you may notice a slight increase in fuel economy with our calibration.


  • Will the HPE 400 Calibration work with other modifications?

No. Our calibration is intended to work on a completely stock Focus RS using 93 or 91 Octane. If you have other modifications installed or are planning to install, i.e. Cold Air Intakes, Catless Downpipes, etc., you will need to have a custom calibration. We do not offer custom mail order calibrations at this time. We are in the process of further Research & Development designing and engineering additional modifications for the Ford Focus RS and will provide a custom calibration for those modifications at a later date.


  • Will the HPE 400 Calibration disable the pesky Start/Stop Feature of the Engine Turning off after a prolonged idle condition?

Yes. Our calibration disables the Start/Stop Feature. Your engine will always stay running until you turn off the ignition. You can thank us later.


  • Can I use my Handheld Device on multiple vehicles?

No. Once you upload our custom calibration the device will be married to your vehicle until you return your vehicle to stock. Once you return your vehicle to stock the device will be un-married and then will be able for use on any other Ford vehicle supported by the device.



  • What if I get a Check Engine Light (DTC)?

Our handheld device provides you with the ability to read Diagnostic Trouble Codes with a description and to clear those codes, if needed.


  • Do I have to keep the handheld device plugged in at all times?

No. Once the HPE 400 Calibration has been successfully uploaded you can unplug your device and store it in a safe location. Most clients find it convenient to store the handheld device in their glove box however you can store it at your discretion.


  • What if my upload fails during the write process?

Do not turn your Ignition OFF. Leave the device plugged in and return to the Main Menu and re-try the upload process. If you still have issues please call or e-mail us for technical assistance. You may also contact SCT’s Tech Line for help: 407-774-2447


  • How many times can I uploaded the HPE 400 Calibration and/or Return to Stock?

Unlimited. If you need to return your vehicle to stock for any reason you can always re-upload the HPE 400 Calibration at a later time. Again, your device will be married to your vehicle once the calibration is uploaded but there is not a limit to the number of uploads and return to stock cycles you can perform.


  • Can I switch from my 91 to 93 Octane Calibration without returning the vehicle to stock?

Yes. After plugging in the device and selecting “Program Vehicle” simply select the other calibration that you would like to upload. Once selected, it will upload over the currently loaded calibration. The vehicle does not have to be returned to stock in order to do this.

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