Ford Focus RS

2016 – 2017 Ford Focus RS

HPE400 Upgrade



  • 388 bhp
  • 445 lb-ft torque


Upgrades Include:

  • Engine management software upgrade
  • Hand held programmer
  • Hennessey exterior badge
  • HPE400 exterior badge


What our customers are saying:


“Throttle response is a lot better which I like very much. A very different animal as compared to stock!”
– Chad P., HPE400 Focus RS owner


“I took it out last night in the mountains near my house in Santa Barbara. The tune is amazing. It totally changes the car. I can’t wait to see how it’ll do on the track in a few weeks. Thanks again for your help and a great product. “

– Garrett M., HPE400 Focus RS owner


“The increase in power is noticeable instantly as soon as you touch the throttle. The boost comes in a lot earlier and harder.
First impressions is your kit is ‘amazing’ “

– Tony P., Australia

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Hennessey Ford Focus RS
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