HPE1000 McLaren 720S

Hennessey HPE900 McLaren 720s

Hennessey McLaren 720S HPE1000
Performance Upgrade Program

Available for the 2018 – 2020 McLaren 720S.

Upgrades Include:

• High-flow air filters
• Motec engine management system
• Hennessey stainless steel turbo headers
• Twin turbo system upgrade
• High-flow wastegate system upgrade
• Transmission system upgrade
• Hennessey stainless steel exhaust upgrade
• Intercooler system upgrade
• Professional installation
• All necessary gaskets and fluids
• Exterior Hennessey emblem
• Exterior HPE1000 emblems
• Serial numbered dash plaque
• Serial numbered plaque in engine compartment


* Estimated power ratings at the engine. Actual power will be measured at the rear wheels, before and after the upgrades are installed and tuned. Rear wheel horsepower and torque figures are approximately 15-20% lower than the factory published power figures which are measured at the crankshaft on an engine dyno.

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